Wall-Mounted Scoreboards

Basketball Hoops Online has partnered with several popular manufacturers so we can offer a large selection of basketball scoreboards for sale. Before you make that final decision to purchase a basketball scoreboard, it’s important to get the facts on electromechanical basketball scoreboard technology. Many of our manufacturers have designed remote, wireless basketball scoreboards to avoid the need and expense to install control cables.

Basketball scoreboards fluctuate in price due to its electronic functions, such as digital-electronic, micro-controller, which is similar to what you find in computers. Another factor in price is the use of LED technology. Buyer beware, some customers tend to get what you pay for, so get all the facts, and read the product reviews before you make the purchase.

Don’t be tempted to buy a discount basketball scoreboard, as it isn't a very good choice if the maintenance costs far exceed the price of the scoreboard itself. Outdoor basketball scoreboards are subjected to many different elements of weather. This is one reason why a discount scoreboard, won’t cut it in this type of environment.

Buying an inferior basketball scoreboard usually results in that uncomfortable moment when you have to explain to the attendance, why the scoreboard doesn't work on game day!

Score virtually any game with Wall-Mounted line of scoreboards - basketball, baseball, soccer, football, even hockey! Our scoreboards are constructed with a heavy-duty galvanized steel cabinet and a protective powdercoat finish. Other companies use aluminum cabinets, but steel cabinets are stronger and withstand higher wind loads than aluminum ones. Plus, our super-bright LED displays last over 100,000 hours of continual use, require no maintenance, and have the widest viewing angle in the industry.

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