Sports Bleachers

Make any game or practice comfortable for fans and players with our huge selection of high quality, durable and rugged player benches and spectator bleachers. Everyone will want to stand when the action heats up but many sporting games including baseball and football have time-outs, injuries and periodic breaks in the game when fans will want to sit back and relax. Players too need comfortable seating during games to rest weary legs and prepare themselves to get back onto the field.

We offer an outstanding selection of powder coated and standard finish player benches and spectator bleachers with galvanized steel under-structure to ensure the safest, most comfortable seating you can find.We offer super durable pro player benches with and without backrests depending on your teams needs. Soccer teams usually don’t have a lot of excess padding and equipment so our standard model player benches without backrest or shelf are an affordable choice.

However, for baseball, football and lacrosse players who have helmets, gloves, arm pads and equipment accessories our benches with convenient backrest and shelf are excellent additions to your sideline or dugout area. The benches feature top quality plank aluminum seating and are available in either powder coated or standard finish. For the fans who come and support the team we offer several options for spectator bleachers that can comfortable seat up to 140 spectators at a time.

Made with all aluminum seat planks and solid steel under-structure you can find 3-row, 4-row, 5-row and 10-row bleacher systems as well as the unique tip and roll 3-row bleacher system that is lightweight and portable. All of our bleachers over 4-rows in height come with safety compliant chain link guard rails and steel enclosure systems to keep fans in the top rows safe from accidents. We also carry a full selection of outdoor and indoor scorer’s tables that can accommodate up to five scorekeepers or game officials.

Made from durable aluminum and galvanized steel these scorekeeper tables are not only durable and rugged but the aluminum plank seating will give officials a comfortable seat while scoring the game. Our player seating includes standard player benches, pro style player benches, player benches with shelves and scorers tables.