Residential Roof Mounted

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The Roof Mounted basketball goal are not as popular as a basketball inground hoop, or even a portable basketball system. Less than a handful of manufacturer's make this type of basketball system, so your selection is very limited.  What makes a Roof Mounted system so unique is you don't have to create more space in your yard to mount this type of basketball goal. As you know, if you try to install an inground basketball goal, you have to cut away trees, weeds, dig up grass and dirt to make room for your new basketball system.

With a Roof Mounted Basketball System, you can simply install it on your garage or even the most practical wall. Installing this type of adjustable basketball goal can be challenging, but it's a lot easier than digging up a four foot hole and mixing up hundreds of bags of concrete. Roof mounts are versatile enough to mount to any roof pitch or vertical wall surface.  Yes, they are adjustable and use a long extension arm, handcrank unit that can typically adjust them from 10' to 6'.

Optional backboard padding can be purchased to protect players from injury when the backboard is adjusted to a lower height.  There is a backboard for every budget and for every situation, whether for serious play or for recreation. Choose the right size and materials based on your needs, your support equipment (such as the pole) and your budget and you will be happy with your purchase.

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