Types of Basketball Nets

Basketball nets, not the most glamorous basketball accessory, but they obvious have an essential role in the game of basketball. Just think about it for a minute; what would the game of basketball be like without a basketball goal net? Well I would hate to be the player(s) in the paint, even worse, directly under the rim when those rocket balls, keep flying in, and say goodbye to the swish.

As you know the purpose of the basketball net is to slow down the speed of the basketball as it goes through the rim, and secondly it’s an accurate way to confirm the ball went through the rim for a score. Most common or popular basketball nets are basically designed the same but some are weighted differently in terms of “Grams”, and others have different materials, such as metal, rubber and vinyl coatings.


Most Common Types of Basketball Nets:


Nylon Basketball Net


     ·  Heavy competition braided nylon net

     ·  Suitable as a competition net or as an upgrade for residential use 

Nylon Anti-Whip Basketball Net


·  Heavy duty anti-whip competition net

·  Thick braided nylon reduces whip common with lighter nets 

Polyester Anti-Whip Basketball Net


   · 100% polyester with Polypropylene in the tips for extra strength

   · Official NBA® on-court basketball net used in 30 NBA® arenas 

Steel Basketball Net


·  Premium steel safety net

·  Welded loops eliminate risk of player injury

·  Attaches to any style goal via heavy duty "S" hooks

·  Superior to normal style chain nets

·  Zinc plated          

Chain Basketball Net


·  Economy chain net

·  Outlasts nylon nets

·  Attaches to any style goal via "S" hooks

·  Zinc plated 

Permanet Basketball Net


·  2000 lb. high-strength, flexible steel cable

·  Large loop design and protective vinyl coating

·  Rim-lock theft-deterrent system

     ·   Unique design resists sticking, tangling, and fraying

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