Court Stencil Kits

The most backyard, driveway, and HOA basketball courts are not official size courts at all. Most of them are half court, quarter court, and smaller. The practicality of laying out the money for a full size court doesn’t make much sense at all, let alone an economically a wise decision.  What most homeowners do is purchase basketball court kits as they are more practical, and easy to implement. 

Most popular court kits are:

Court Stencil Kits: Simply lay out the pre-measured cardboard stencils and spray paint in between the line.

Sport Striping Machine: These machines give you the ability to lay out a full or half size basketball court.  You can roll out strip tape or paint.

Court Tile Kits: Designed for locations and backyards with limited space, the Mini Court features approximately 500 square feet of court space. Tile Courts kits are fully assembled in our warehouse and the lines are pre-painted by our team of professionals in a controlled environment to ensure accuracy and longevity. We then number each section, disassemble your court and pack the tiles according to a numbered diagram specific to the court size you order.

If you have the space and want a mini-like experience at your house, you might consider a court tile system, or even concrete type basketball court in your backyard. Your court dimensions will be truer and your court surfacing will play better, look great and be easy on the feet, and joints. 

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  • First Team - FT20 Court Stencil Kit
    First Team - Basketball Court Stencil Kit Specifications: Basketball Court Stencil Kit Provides an easy way to paint a regulation lane, free throw line and circle on any cement or blacktop surface Includes 3-point line Approx. Shipping Weight:  5 lbs   Assembly Instru..