Recreational Flex Goals

All premium basketball goals should have a break-away rim. This means that when players hang on the rim they will give via spring mechanism within the rim. It also makes the rim softer when shotting long shots and allows the ball to go in more often. The break-away basketball rim does not actually break completely away from the basketball backboard; however, it does protect the backboard and the rim from breaking when a 200lb man chooses to hang from it with his fingers.

The break-away releases the force from the jump and on the board to prevent damage, which will protect your expensive equipment. In addition, with the designed give that a break-away rim has, it is can help in avoiding painful and unneeded injuries to the player.Some companies offer a 360 degree breakaway rim in contrast to most rims that break-away from front to back. These rims will bend down at an angle and take stress off the backboard, from the downward torque imposed by dunking from the side of the rim.

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  • First Team - FT184 Flex Basketball Goal
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