Backboard & Pole Structure Supports

Backboard-Pole Structure Supports by First Team, Inc.

We offer replacement parts for most First Team basketball systems. If you need a replacement basketball pole because the garbage truck backed into it, we got you covered. If your First team backboard gets damaged we can get you the exact replacement board in a jiffy.  If you don’t see what you need or not sure what to buy, please call or email us. What is Miscellaneous Basketball Hardware?  Well it could be they are the less popular basketball products that no one talks about. As you may know, basketball backboards, basketball rims, and basketball extension arms all need miscellaneous hardware to attach each other to themselves. This could be nuts and bolts, C-Clamp bolts, washers, and backboard support brackets. As an Authorized Dealer, we have partnered with First Team Sports, to provide our customers with these miscellaneous hardware parts that you may need.

Basketball Hoops Online offers carries a full line of the mounting hardware options for mounting or installing your primary basketball system. We sell First Team backboard supports, backboard extension arms, backboard height adjusters, ground sleeves and bolt down kits.

Please Note: 

All First Team basketball system replacement parts sold on our website are designed to replace your existing First Team basketball system parts only, and we don’t recommend using First Team replacement parts for any other brand name basketball system. Finally, First Team replacement parts are not returnable and refundable, so please consult with one of our sales reps before you make your purchase.