Outdoor Sports Padding

Keep players and fans safe, spruce up outdoor fences and protect indoor gymnasium walls with our fantastic selection of wall padding, combination wall pads/tumbling mats, column pads, field wall pads and stadium pads. We offer standard sizes and custom sizes for special fences and gym walls and can also design padding with your school’s colors and team logo to add a professional look to your basketball court or outdoor baseball field.

Our high quality tumbling mats are both versatile and convenient and can be used as gym wall padding or as floor mats to protect basketball courts during non-athletic events and for recreational gymnastic classes. Constructed with 2” 100 ILD prime polyurethane foam and 14oz. vinyl coated nylon our tumbling mats are safe, comfortable and can be easily mounted to a gym wall through the Velcro strip system and hook and loop closures on all four sides.

Our outdoor field wall padding also features top quality construction with 3” thick high density foam covered by 16oz. high UV resistant vinyl. Great for protecting outfielders chasing down deep fly balls these high density foam wall pads can be custom ordered with team colors, logos and in specific sizes to accommodate specific fence heights.  Outdoor pads are offered in a variety of colors and can be plain or printed. We can also create custom outdoor pads to protect players and fans from any dangerous areas on your grounds. If you would like more information on outdoor padding visit the Field Wall Pads website.

For indoor gymnasiums, volleyball and basketball courts shop our terrific selection of padded wall panels to keep walls safe from errant balls, player bodies other indoor hazards. Wall panels are cemented to 7/16” OSB exterior grade wood panels and are covered in high quality 14oz. vinyl. Designed for permanent mounting our wall pad panels are available in a great selection of high visibility colors to match your team colors and logo.


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